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Only MOMMY could fulfill your sexual needs!!! HD

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You had no idea that today will change your life forever!!! After the long phone call between your mother and your teacher….it comes out!!! And now your mother is waiting for you to have some serious talk! ,,Look baby…that was so unpleasant to hearing from your teacher….how you just use the girls! All the school is talking about that!!! I can understand…really I do….you are in the age when you want as much sex as possible…but…why you do this? Is it not enough one nice girl? Why do you need to changing the girls like underwear?! You having two, tree different girls every week! What is it?!!! What is your problem?!!! What…are you kidding me?!!! That’s nothing you could be proud of!!! I know…you are suppose to have the sex talk with your father…but hell….he is never around! That’s mean we have to solve this together! Yeah…I’m your mother and believe me, I don’t feel to comfortable to having this talk with you either but that how it is! So please, please stop to keeping secrets from me and just tell me the truth? Why? Why my son…my sweet boy is just like crazy and just fucking around?! You know how it makes me feel?!! Like I felt as a mother if I can not understand my son….I just need to know what is your problem! So don’t be shy….all the taboo it must be over and just say it baby. What?!! Now you just kidding me?! How is all my fault?! I can’t believe you…that night I was trying to explain to you how to be nice with the girl…how to touch her and make her feel good that you can both enjoy! I didn’t mean, in any way, to flirting with you! No, no, no…it was the simple sex talk between mother and son! You completely got it wrong! How could you even hitting on your mother! That what it is??? All your desires…your sexual experiments, your constantly changing girls…all of it is because of your mother? All is only empty sex for you!!! That’s making me so said! You are young and you are suppose to enjoy every single erotic experience…and now this. I’m so…so sorry baby! I had no idea you feel this way about mommy. And i don’t wish that we finish in the point you feel like you can’t tell me how you feel….but this is completely wrong! There is nothing mommy can do for you! Is it?! What do you have in your mind. Come on….just tell me….that’s why we both here having this talk! To find out the solution for my baby boy……Are you serious?!!! I can’t!!! I just can’t….you are my son…that is completely out of line! No….I can’t have sex with my son!!! No….don’t….don’t extort me! You know very, very well mommy loves you more then everything in the world! Let’s compromise then!!! You have to promise me….you stop to falling around….and I….I promise you to taking care of your sexual needs my sweet baby! But don’t push it to hard! Let’s do it step by step! Mommy will not have sex with you today….but….I guess milking my baby boy out with my hands will be good as well! Of course….you never felt like this before….mommy knows what is good for my baby and his hard dick!

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Fucking Dad’s Wife in the Den HD

Young man, I’m tired of walking in on you jerking off, and I’m really tired of washing the evidence off your bedsheets. Explain it to me – why are you always rubbing and playing with yourself down there? It seems like every time I see you, you have an erection…oh my, you have one right now, don’t you?

Mmm, that looks like a big one, too…it’s been a long time since stepmommy saw one that big. (Your dads is kinda small, but don’t tell him I said so.)

What’s keeping my sweet boy all hot and bothered, hmm…? Go ahead, you can tell stepmom anything…

Silly boy, I know you’re fantasizing about me. I’m a grown woman, and I know when a boy’s horny for me. Especially when he lives under my roof and I see the cumstains on the sheets every morning.

Don’t be embarrassed, stepmom fantasizes too – about you. And that big boy cock I just know is hiding in those baggy pants.

Mm-hmm, just as I suspected…WAY bigger than your father. Stepmommy is getting all wet just looking at it.

Let me touch it…suck it…fuck it a little. Let stepmom come on that big hard rod…but be quiet! Dad’s just in the other room; he’d be very upset if he came out and caught his wife fucking his son in the den.

And no cumming for you either, mister – you’ve made enough messes for the day.

Category: MILF
Keywords: milf, stepmother, pov, dirty talk, masturbation

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Lady Fyre – My Awesome Mother HD

You have a great relationship with your mother. Some people might find it odd, but you really enjoy spending time together. Every night when she gets home from work you eat dinner & watch movies together. Sometimes you even snuggle. But before dinner & movies, you have sex. Tonight is the same as every night. When mother comes home she tells you a story about something that happened at work that has left her horny all day. She couldn’t wait to get home to her son. She strips off her business clothes & gives you a blowjob. Then she rides you cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. The two of you talk about the neighborhood picnic & how shocked the neighbors would be to know that you fuck your own mother. You have a good laugh about it, imagining their indignation. Then, in missionary position, she asks if you’re looking forward to visiting your grandparents. You both decide it’s better that you sl33p in separate beds. Mom says that since she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself, there might be an incident. It would be bad if grandma walked in on her daughter having sex with her own son. Mom flips over & tells you to pound her hard in d0.ggystyle, and you cum inside her beautiful pussy. Creampies are the best. While your cock is still wet with her juices, mother dresses then asks what you want for dinner. She knows you like pizza best, so that’s what you’ll have. Life with your mother is so awesome.

Category: TABOO
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