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Learning from the Best – Mom Teaches Son How to Kiss – Nikki Brooks HD

It was embarrassing. You didn’t plan or want to be the only guy in your grade that hadn’t…you know, gotten “special attention” from a girl. All the boys were constantly bragging about it, and there you were, a kissless virgin. It sucked, and instead of playing video games in the living room like you normally would be doing, you had been pouting in your room.

“What’s up? You haven’t been out of your room the entire day,” Mom says walking into your room. At first you try to deny it, but Mom knows that the boys at school have been teasing you. I mean, you’ve tried to ignore them, but it’s gotten so bad lately that you don’t know what to do.

Mom tries to have a talk with you, telling you that everyone matures at a different age, but it’s not fair. You’re sure Mom had a kiss when she was your age, but she insists that it’s not about who does it first or who does it last, but who does it the best. You’re not buying it, so Mom tells you that she’ll help you out and teach you.

“I’ll just teach you simple, little kisses, and…nothing with tongue. Just simple, sensual kisses,” she says. Wait – did she bring a girl over for you to practice on? “No…me, silly. Now you don’t have to feel embarrassed. They’ll be no girl that’s going back to school and spreading rumors that you sucked, okay?” she continues.

Well, okay…it didn’t seem like an awful idea. You can finally tell the boys you kissed a girl, and you don’t have to tell them it was your mom. Mom leans in and presses her lips against yours, softly brushing up against them, and gives you your first kiss. She tells you to practice on her, and when you do, something stiffens…down there.

“See, told you. You’re a good kisser. Don’t underestimate yourself just because you haven’t done it,” she smiles. “And you can just tell your friends it was an OLDER woman, and they’ll be jealous of you.” She asks what else the boys have been saying, and then lectures you about how guys sometimes tend to exaggerate what actually happened.

“Are you – are you hard? I guess I really am a good kisser,” Mom says uncomfortably. She’s not sure what to do, but because you’ve been teased so much lately, she decides she’ll give you a little more experience by slowly sliding her hand up and down your cock.

“Alright – I think Mommy’s taught you enough,” she says nervously. But you want to learn more. You know it’s kind of weird since it’s your mom, but everyone has so much more experience than you. You ask her to help you see what a blowjob feels like, and she panics, “What? Oh honey, I…I can’t do that. That’s a whole, different line I’d be passing if I put it in my mouth.”

You give her a sad face, and Mom hurts for you, so she slides your cock into her mouth. It feels so good, and…I mean, you’ve gotten this far, can’t Mommy teach you everything?

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, son is upset because all the boys in his grade are experienced sexually & he still hasn’t kissed a girl, Mom offers to teach him how to kiss using herself, sensual kissing, virtual kissing, son’s cock accidentally stiffens, Mom knows her son is still upset & wants him to feel more experienced, virtual handjob, Mom knows it’s wrong, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, simulated cum in mouth, swallowing, cum swallowing, MILF, older woman, sex education

Category: TABOO
Keywords: mom, son, family, milf, older woman, virtual sex, pov, pov sex, virtual blowjob, virtual handjob, kissing, cum in mouth, kissing, virtual kissing, cum swallowing

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Brother Needs Slutty Sister!

You’re home alone with your slutty sister, and you know she’s up to no good in your dad’s office. She already took your virginity a few months ago… you know that if you go in now, you’ll be able to get way you want from her. What you NEED.There’s a sticky surprise in it for her at the end, too…———–

Category: TABOO
Keywords: virgin brother, brother, sister, brother/sister, caught, masturbating

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MILF 1455 – Overdeveloped and Milked HD

Rachel and her sister Dallas smoke cigarettes and drink martinis while discussing the recent behavior of Rachel’s son, Richard. The young man has been masturbating all over the house, including in his mother’s underwear and shoes. Rachel has discovered sticky or crusty patches of her son’s cum in her panties and stockings. Being a broad-minded woman, she has felt neither shock or disgust at this. She has, however, become very annoyed at the amount of extra washing she’s had to do. Now, in agreement with her equally broad-minded-sister, she decides it is time to confront Richard and make him stop his constant masturbation. Summoned to stand before his mother and his aunt, the young man suffers great embarrassment when the pair level their charges against him. His mother is particularly frank and mocking. She describes everything he has done to her clothing. She even suggests that he should lick the items clean – since it was he who dirtied them in the first place. As to the cause of her son’s increased masturbation, she speculates that he probably has a big cock, and therefore has a big need to cum. Rachel and Dallas smoke coolly and sensually on their cigarettes throughout, Rachel mischievously blows a load of smoke at her son – knowing he doesn’t like the stuff and will be put off by it. Shortly after, she tells him to go to his room and to wait for her and Dallas to come and speak with him further. Finishing their martini’s is first on the agenda. Later, the two MILFs enter Richard’s room and stand themselves at the foot of his bed. With one hand on their hips and a martini in the other, the women present an image of steely elegance. The young man lies on his bed, looking up at them. Never in a million a years could he guess what he has coming. Rachel and Dallas intend to make him understand that he cannot just go around cumming on Rachel’s clothing. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the point across. In a firm voice that allows for no dissent, Rachel tells Richard to take off his pants and show his cock. The young man has always accepted his mother as The Boss, and now is no different. Rachel and her sister are greatly surprised by what the slightly-built man-boi shows them. Richard is even better-endowed than they imagined. Aside from having a big thick cock, he has very large balls that look to be well-swollen with cum. As Rachel had earlier guessed, her son must have a persistent need to unload them. Continuing to look at his cock, she begins to show deep admiration. It’s size certainly didn’t come from his father, she muses ruefully. Of equal interest to her is that it’s very hard and erect – evidently for her and Dallas. It almost seems to be begging for her touch. Rachel decides not to disappoint it. Together with her sister, she boards the bed and caresses and strokes the big piece of man-meat for a good long while – making Richard groan and whimper with grateful, boiish enjoyment. Mother and aunt regularly comment on his cock-size, and get plenty of pleasure themselves from feeling the fat pole in their dainty hands. When Rachel notices Richard gazing at her cleavage, she sits backs and pulls her breasts out of her top for his benefit. She squeezes them and plays with their nipples while Dallas carries on expertly jerking him off. Later, they slather oil on his cock. With Dallas still on stroking duty, Rachel leans back, parts her legs, and gives her son a view of her silken panty crotch. At the same time, she and Dallas taunt him for not having a girlfriend or going out. They call him a loser because he has to relieve himself through masturbation instead of with a real woman. Shortly after. Dallas removes her panties, kicks off her shoes, and places her feet around Richard’s cock. The young man moans at the sensation of her silky hose sliding up and down his length. From his position, he can see straight at his aunt’s naked, shaven pussy. He draws close to cumming, but there is no way Dallas will allow that to happen. Richard has to learn control. He can only cum when either his mother or his aunt permit him to. Presently, the two MILFs strip down to just their bras and stockings. Rachel holds her panties around her son’s cock and gives him a long, delicious, silky stroking. Dallas then joins in. Combined, the sister’s hand-please his cock and balls in every possible way. The young man groans more wildly than ever from their tormentingly pleasurable attentions. Sometimes Rachel dangles her panties before him, teasing him about how much he likes them. She then asks him if he dreams about taking her pussy. This leads to Rachel going full ncest as she suddenly straddles her son’s lap, eases his cock inside of her, and rides him from on top. It is a heavenly experience for Richard. But it isn’t set to last. Just when he feels himself about to cum, his mother mischievously pulls her pussy off of him. Another period of united cock-stroking ensues from the two MILFS. Then Dallas enjoy a cock-filling of her own. Her position is reverse cowgirl-style, and she gets all she can out of it. Meanwhile, Rachel points out to her how convenient it is to have such a docile and socially hopeless son. Rather than rely on sex-toys for their future pleasures, they can use him instead – whenever and however they feel like it. Following the fucking from his aunt, Richard has his cock stroked several more times. Again and again he is brought to the point of cumming, and again and again he is deprived the satisfaction. When Rachel and Dallas have him squirming in blue-balled torment, they refuse to give him a single cock-stroke more. Instead they make him lick a pair of his mother’s cum-dirtied panties clean. Finally, Rachel lets him know the score once and for all. First, he is to stop cumming on her clothes. Second, he is to keep his massive erections under-control, and not embarrass her by displaying a visible crotch bulge whenever she takes him shopping. Third, he is to go straight to the laundry room and lick clean a basketful of her clothes that he has covered with his cum. If he fulfils all those obligations, his mother and his aunt may grant a reward – to let him put his cum where it is supposed to go.

Category: FEMDOM

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CRACKED OUT – Jessica Jones HD

Horny Justin wants to play his video and his sister Jessica does want to give it to him. He whips out his big hard cock and starts rubbing it on her big ass. It does not stop her from playing. Jessica finally decides to stop playing and give in by sucking his cock just to make him shut up.

Cumshot, Blonde, Blowjob, Teen, Small Tits, Deepthroat, Big Ass, Cum in mouth, Face Fuck, Monster Cock, Piercings, Tattooed

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