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The Birds and the Bees – Tammie Madison HD

Your mom home schools you, and today’s lesson is the birds and the bees. Mom wants you to have a well-rounded sex education. She is going to provide you with a hands-on exploration of how sex works. Mom has bought you a male masturbator, in the style of a realistic vagina. She has also bought a realistic dildo. Mom will teach you all about the female anatomy, and how to make a girl cum by showing you with her toys.

Mom makes her way through an extensive list of sexual practices, she teaches you what the clit is, what the g-spot is, how to make a woman orgasm, how to make a woman squirt. How to perform oral sex on a woman, and what penetration looks like on a woman. “What’s that honey?” Mom implores, “You want to know what it feels like? Okay, well, I guess it is all part of your education.” Mom pulls out your penis. She puts a condom on you, lubes you up and guides you into the realistic vagina. You’re a virgin, so it doesn’t take long before you explode inside the masturbator, cum streams out of the condom and the toy.

“Okay honey, you relax for a second. You just had your first orgasm. Well done. But now, you need to see what a female orgasm looks like. You want to be a good lover don’t you? You want to please women? I hope so sweetheart, that would make mommy so proud.” Mom strips naked and begins to masturbate in front of you. She uses the dildo and a vibrator to make herself cum.

Both you and your mom are really horny. You both want the real thing. Toys are great, but nothing compares to the real thing. “Son, Now that you know how to please a woman, do you think you could pleasure your mother?” You don’t need asking twice. Mom takes hold of your cock and slides it inside her wet pussy. Your mom feels so good. You just hope you last longer this time. oh, and you better pull out, because you’re not wearing a condom.

Category: TABOO
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Shay Evans – Mother’s New Lover 1 & 2 in HD

pt.1 of 2

Alright, I’m heading out. Where? To a restaurant, with a friend… Don’t worry about that.. Did you finish your homework? Good, make sure you take the trash out too.. And don’t stay up late… I love you too baby….

***Starring Shay Evans***

Category: TABOO
Keywords: shay evans, mom, mother, mommy, cougar, hot wife, single mom, family, secret, tit job

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pt.2 of 2

Honey can we talk for a minute?.. I want to talk about the other night… Maybe I over reacted.. You’re still learning. Mommy wants to try again. Would that be okay?.. I just can’t stop thinking about having you inside me….

***Starring Shay Evans & a REAL creampie from her son***

Category: TABOO
Keywords: shay evans, son, mom, mommy, mother, secret, affair, brunette, love, pov

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Molly Jane in Families Stick Together HD

Scene One: Used by mom

“I will get you the money, just give me one more week” she pleads on the phone. Molly’s gambling addiction has put her deep in trouble with the wrong people. If she doesn’t get some cash fast bad things will happen to her.

Putting on her thigh high stockings and underwear, Cory gets ready for work when her good for nothing daughter comes into the room asking for money. Cory tells her no, and that she still hasn’t paid her back for last time. Molly drops to her knees and begs her mom explaining her problem. “I will do anything for you.” she tells her and hesitantly starts to lick her mom’s pussy.

Ripples of pleasure run through Cory’s body as she moans at her daughter’s tongue. No, she tells herself, she is not going to give in to her daughter like this. She pushes Molly away and puts on a strap on from her dresser drawer. If she wants the money she is going to have to work for it. She makes Molly suck her strap on before driving it into her pussy. Molly asks her mom to stop but Cory keeps fucking her until her anger is quenched.

She throws the money at her daughter and Molly is left wondering the rest of the money will come from.

Scene Two: Selling out to my brother

Taking a deep breath outside of her brothers room Molly opens the door. She explains to her brother her situation and asks him for some money. Alex tells her that he is not giving her any more money and that she still owes him from last time.

Molly asks if he would like to buy any of her things. Alex tells her to leave. She takes off her shirt and asks if he would like to buy that? He agrees and Molly sells each article of clothing to him slowly stripping naked. She asks if he would like to buy her mouth? She pulls down his pants and starts to suck his cock. For more just a little more she will sell him her pussy that he can fuck whenever he wants. Getting on top of him he has little choice but to pay her as she gives him the ride of his life. She drops back down and sucks his load into her mouth, sealing their deal.

Scene Three: Sex war with dad

Still not enough money and there is only one man with that kind of cash… dad. He has bailed her out so many times he wont even talk to her. Drastic measures have to be taken. Dressing herself up in the hottest and sluttiest makeup, lingerie, stockings and heels she can find, Molly goes to war on her father.

She finds her father and gets to work. Rubbing herself against him, telling him her situation. When he doesn’t respond she strokes his cock, using all of her sexuality against him. Molly sucks and fucks her father as hard as she can bringing him to the edge of cumming. Then stops. If daddy wants to cum in his daughter’s tight pussy than he is going to have to pay up. She starts and stops, teasing and playing with him until he gives in. Molly uses her control to milk every drop of her dad’s cum into her pussy. With her father’s money she can finally pay off her debt.

Scene Four: Intervention

With her debt paid Molly can go back to her normal life as a living at home slacker. Walking down the hallway her brother and father stop her and ask when they can get their money back. Not satisfied with her answer they grab her and pull her into the bedroom. Molly is screaming as the two men throw her onto the bed. Cory is their waiting for them and all three family members want to get paid.

They rip off her clothes and hold her kicking and screaming. Molly is forced to lick, suck and fuck her family. Each hole is used as they pass her around. Both her father and brother use her ass and pussy double stuffing her as she licks her mom’s wet clit. Thoroughly gangbanging her like a slut, they make her cum in every inch of her body.

Her mother brings her to the ground and holds her head while her father and brother jerk their loads over her face. Molly is covered in cum. Mom kisses her daughter and lovingly licks the cum from her face. She tells Molly that until the debt is paid they will be having a lot more family time together.

***Video Contains Molly’s First Double Penetration***

Category: TABOO
Keywords: molly jane, cory chase, taboo, milf, alex adams, double penetration, anal, facial

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